The Present Situation and our Presence

24 June 2022

As all of us know that our country Sri Lanka has been going through a very crucial moment due to this present government. It is very much sad to see that our people are still in queue for their basic needs and it is heart breaking to hear the prizes of the things soring up. On the other side some group of youth from the universities are on protest asking a system change from the government and they forcefully say that the present President to resign and change the members of the parliament and let the fresh air come in. So as citizens of Sri Lanka and as religious of the country joined with them silently and stand for the rights of the people. And we also spend some nights to give protection for the girls who were there in the struggle ground for night. So, it was a very much challenging to be with the boys and girls whenever the government attacked them. Still the protest is going on we give our hands whenever there is an urgent call. We also firmly experienced the powerful presence of God who is very much alive in our midst to protect all of us. 




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