Health Ministry

“As disciples of Christ, we make his compassion our own, which led Him to the heart of human drama;” ROL No. 5/2

Health ministry is one of the greatest opportunities the Church has today for sharing the gospel. We realize that there is a spiritual as well as a physical and a mental dimension to healthy and integrated living. Thus, the main thrust and orientation of our health ministry are on the following:

  • Offering holistic health through health education chiefly to mothers and children
  • Conducting medical camps and mass health awareness programmes
  • Teaching them some preventive measures
  • Building sanitary latrines with the help of donors
  • Training local health promoters
  • Running mobile clinics, dispensaries, hospitals and nursing school; offering palliative care
  • Alternative medicine chiefly homeopathy, herbal medicines and magneto therapy
  • Serving as nursing auxiliary
  • Serving and caring for the senior sisters at EHPAD – Convalescent home

Always keeping in mind our priority to the cause of the poor and the needy in rural areas. In India, East Africa and Congo-Cameroon we run our own hospitals, health care centres and dispensaries. In Peru, our Sisters are working in a diocesan Polyclinic and hospital. In Colombia, we have a very reputed reflexology centre.

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