Special Ministry

Switzerland and France

In Geneva at “Foyer l’Acceuil” many young girls seek residence to pursue either their university studies or their professional formation in institutes or in international organizations.

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At Chavanod, our Sisters run a spirituality and cultural centre called ‘La Maison du Grand Pré’ in close collaboration with the lay people. This centre aims at accompanying people in search of meaning in life and those who aspire to human and spiritual growth; it equally aims at promoting openness to diverse cultures and traditions, thus creating space for conversation relating to the questions posed by the changing world. The Sisters offer classical dance classes in view of proposing the Indian classical dance in the European context – both as a dialogue between cultures and also to show the sacred space of human body in the realm of spirituality.

The programme comprises of four areas of activities:

  1. Spiritual retreat and spiritual stopover
  2. Programmes related to body and mind like Yoga, meditation, Indian dance etc.
  3. Conferences and debates
  4. Regular courses and meetings

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The following are their special ministries:

  • Presence among the youth and the adults
  • Chaplaincy at hospitals


In Mosquera, our Sisters have a foundation (a cultural centre), where they offer formation and cultural programmes for children, youth, women and adults in collaboration with a team of lay people.

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